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FRESH Projects is an industrial commercial institutional building firm. From new builds to renovations to historic restorations we work with architects and other key stakeholders to create beautiful, functional, and FRESH spaces. We service many industries with expertise in Health Care, Multi-Family Housing, and Hospitality among others. Whether we are working on Government contracts or private businesses, you can expect strong management and the ability to deliver on time and on budget.

Prior to initiating the build phase of a project we will spend as much time as necessary appropriately scoping the work and fully understanding the build requirements and functionality. With this approach we work with your feature list, considering every factor from occupancy loads to visual aesthetics, while keeping the door open for potential future expansion.



Responsibly considering History, Future and the Environment.


Effectively through Clarity, Accountability and Respect.


Intelligently with Innovative, Practical, Leading-Edge Solutions


Efficiently emphasizing Safety, Quality, On-Time and On-Budget



FRESH is committed to environmental and sustainable building practices and have experience working on LEED certified projects.

LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is one of the foremost standards for developing high-performance, sustainable “green” buildings. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council in 1998, and continually revised through a consensus driven approach, it has been adopted by the Canadian Green Building Council, and is strongly supported by FRESH.

In addition to supporting the LEED standards, FRESH is environmentally conscience, embracing sustainable construction practices including Construction Waste Management (CDM), indoor air quality (IAQ), using regional and renewable materials, and achieving energy efficiency. We also are compliant with environmental protection measures, including spill avoidance, watershed protection and dust control.

Working together to create healthy, eco-friendly shared spaces is in the best interests of everyone. We work with stakeholders to incorporate best practices in sustainability wherever possible.

Learn more about our LEED certified projects. Click the link to read about the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority LEED Silver Project. 


While on a construction site, workers are continually faced with changing hazards and risks. In order to keep everyone safe, FRESH is committed to providing the education, training and leadership to ensure risks are proactively managed and minimized. We strive to create a positive work environment where worker safety is complementary to efficient production resulting in better project outcomes.

At FRESH we handle construction health and safety with a sense of practicality, using standard operating procedure to ensure safety, while ensuring a project stays on schedule. When potential challenges arise our team leaders have the experience and expertise to find a safe and effective solution.

We continually improve our health and safety practices based on the input of our employees, operations personnel and clients. We have developed our protocols from industry best practices and work together to further refine and improve them with experience.