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FRESH Projects is working on a one storey addition to the Flin Flon Hospital. This project includes; the demolition and removal of existing structures; the site work to accommodate the new building; and the renovation to the existing building. Creating a clean connection point between the new emergency department and the existing admitting department is a priority on this project. This project is targeting a LEED Silver certification. 

 "The new Flin Flon Emergency Department will be impressive because of the large area it can service and the technology residents will have access to."

Harry Fehr, FRESH Superintendent

Situated on top of the Canadian Shield, 768 km from Winnipeg, Flin Flon Manitoba is a formidable construction location. The emergency department is situated on a bed of rock, which created a unique challenge for ensuring the exact elevation of the new emergency department and the existing hospital were precisely matched. FRESH blasted 4 meters of rock, installed strip footing and poured concrete walls to match the elevation within inches.

The new department will have a new two Ambulance Garage and decontamination area, Major Resuscitation Room, Major Procedure Room, four observation / SCU Rooms, Safe Room, Isolation Room, three Minor Treatment Rooms, IV Therapy Room and support spaces.

FRESH is working with local and external sub-trades on the substantial steel framing, mechanical, electrical and sprinkler systems. 


Northern Health Region




Flin Flon, Manitoba


12,520 sqft