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The Manitoba Interlake region was hit with widespread flooding in 2011; now the Little Saskatchewan First Nation (LFSN) needs to rebuild their community and houses so that the evacuated families can move home. FRESH is working with the Band Council and team to design and construct 93 single family dwelling units on LSFN Reserve Lands. Homes range from 3 bedroom units to 6 bedroom units. The scope of the project work includes: excavation, foundations, back fill, final grading, utility sewer hookups, walkways, driveways, decks, landings, topsoiling, hydro-seeding, landscaping and appliances. 

Local Resources

FRESH is working closely with a First Nation Project Coordinator to ensure that local resources are being fully utilized where possible. In fact FRESH committed to utilizing over $1.5 million in local materials, labour, equipment and facilities throughout the course of this project. This includes the running of an on-reserve dry construction camp. It also includes providing a training program for local workers to gain work experience toward programs at Colleges such as Red River or MITT in carpentry, electrical and plumbing.


Little Saskatchewan First Nation




Little Saskatchewan, Manitoba


93 Homes of 1,176 to 1,960 sqft