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"I think the ingenuity of this is that the main portion of the Met has been restored to the grandeur of a bygone era."

Canad Inns CEO Paul Robson

After being left vacant for 25 years the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre required a major interior renewal to return it to it's original grandeur. Built in 1919, the neo-classical style, 24,000-square-foot building featured twin staircases leading to a large mezzanine level, an ornately plastered ceiling, massive chandelier, 2,500-seat auditorium with stage and an orchestra pit. The FRESH team updated the building with modern features while preserving the historic features. 



With restoration projects there are numerous technical challenges that require research and coordination to create an authentic end result. This project required extensive ornamental plaster work with FRESH coordinating a dozen teams using multiple plastering methods. Our team is proud to have been a part of the restoration of the Metropolitan Theatre, which is now a great source of beauty and pride in the community and leaves a lasting impression on guests.


Canad Inns




Winnipeg, Manitoba


24,000 sqft