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Janice Froese is the constant driving force behind FRESH Projects. She is a high energy, results oriented professional with a talent for leading by example and inspiring peak performance. Janice is involved in all aspects of FRESH Projects operations but focuses on staff leadership and training, project administration and project finances.


Janice's priority is constructing quality buildings that meet the exact specifications of the owner and she is always looking for new ways to serve FRESH clients better.

Janice is a member of TEC CANADA and uses that experience to improve her leadership skills on a regular basis. 



Evan Schellenberg stays cool and collected while he leads his team through the intricacies of commercial construction projects. He knows how to get an outstanding end result because he knows it's all about practical and effective communication.


He acts as a connection between FRESH Owners, General Manager, Clients and everyone involved in taking the project from paper plans to operating facilities. His experience includes overseeing projects worth over $35 million, supervising over 2000 personnel, and working with project owners and clients dispersed over more than 5 countries and 3 continents.



Hooman is an integral part of making sure each project is running like a well-oiled machine. He is a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He is the resident expert on cementitious materials and building structures and knows the project documentation backward and forward. Hooman can quickly respond to technical questions coming from job-sites, process projects’ paperwork including LEED documentation, comprehend specifications and design requirements, and interpret complex drawings. Hooman has a great set of technical skills which he utilizes every day on the FRESH team.



M.SC., E.I.T

FRESH - Staff Photo - Karam Mahmoud.jpg

Karam Mahmoud began his structural engineering career in Egypt and then completed his Ph.D. in Civil (Structural) Engineering in Canada in 2016.


Karam has an in depth knowledge of the design of reinforced concrete, steel structures, pre-stressed concrete and the use of Fibre Reinforced Polymer. 

He has also published 10 technical articles in leading structural engineering journals to highlight the main findings and conclusions of different projects. 



PhD, P.Eng.

At FRESH we rely on Warren Trach to make sure we have premium supplies at the best possible price delivered to the job-site right on time. His extensive experience in the retail lumber business set him up with the skills and contacts he needs to source product quickly and efficiently.


Warren prides himself in preventing waiting times on the job-sites by getting the product to the site right on schedule. He works with project managers, trades, and the logistics manager to coordinate the proper storage and transport of product to FRESH's diverse job sites. Warren has an extensive network of contacts across Canada to get product from but the majority is sourced locally from Winnipeg wholesalers and retailers.



Janet has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. She has worked in all aspects of accounting throughout her career but is focusing her skills on payroll for FRESH. She prides herself in having a strong work ethic, being organized and dependable; all great traits to have as a payroll administrator. She is a great problem solver because she won’t quit until things are just right. Everyone can appreciate when payroll is done on time, reliably and accurately. We sure appreciate it here at FRESH. Janet started with FRESH in March of 2018 and we are hopeful that she will become a long-standing member of the team.

Janet has her Payroll Compliance Practitioner Certification through the Canadian Payroll Association. 



When it comes to getting the right product, to the right place, at the right time, FRESH relies on Ben Enns. He coordinates the pick-up and delivery of everything from supplies to people. His first priority is making sure project supplies are delivered to the sites at the most strategic time and he also helps organize the transport of staff to and from job-sites. He works closely with the Purchasing Manager, Project Managers, drivers and warehouse staff to ensure product is organized, stored safely, and delivered in good condition. Together with his crew they also make sure the FRESH fleet is serviced and operational. Ben is the go-to guy for everything and anything at FRESH!



Sean Fehr puts the 'fire in the belly' of Fresh Projects and he has since it's inception in 2008. There is no one with more drive and attention to detail than Sean, which is evident from his work on the most detailed historical restoration projects, to the new builds on health centres and his work installing flooring in schools and hospitals in northern communities.


It's his insight into peoples skills and strengths that ensures the right people are on the right project at the right time; so that even the most complex project is finished on schedule and within budget.



Aman Chana has the skills to get a job running 'full steam ahead'. Everyone knows that by the time the shovels hit the ground half the project work has already been done; creating a plan and getting the supplies and people in place. Aman is skilled at making this happen through detailed estimating of labour and material requirements, procurement of supplies and materials and precise cost estimating.


When Aman works on a project at FRESH we know it will start off right. Aman also brings to the table a unique knowledge of the oil and gas industry, road and earth works projects, historical restorations and high security clearance job-sites to the FRESH team.




Amanda Cottrill has been with FRESH right from the start giving her a unique insight into FRESH operations and a comprehensive knowledge of the construction industry. Armed with this knowledge she is able to find solutions to complex problems and help coordinate the administration on any project.


Currently Amanda is in the process of reinforcing her construction knowledge by attending the Red River College  and becoming a Building Construction Technician.  Amanda is also the resident authority on Safety programs and initiatives at FRESH.  Amanda is dedicated to providing clients with projects that are built efficiently, using the highest in safety standards. 



Dustin Alford is an experienced Red Seal Electrician. He can take on projects of a variety of sizes from smaller stores, to large-scale commercial buildings. He has experience working on grain elevators, terminals, emergency departments and now on a large scale housing project. Many of these jobs were for repeat clients, which speaks volumes of his quality workmanship. He is versatile in his skills and talented at organizing electrical projects.



You can count on Sandra. At FRESH we count on her every day to make sure no detail is overlooked. She is tireless in her efforts to be accurate when billing and invoicing, which saves everyone time and hassle. With her extensive background in accounting she has a broad grasp of all the aspects of FRESH accounting. She is a flexible and knowledgeable contact for all things accounting. She is an expert at Excel and the accounting software so she is able to answer any questions quickly and correctly. Sandra has been an essential member of the FRESH team since September of 2016.



Fresh - Max Neufeld Smiling.jpg

Max Neufeld joins the team at FRESH with a great accounting knowledge-base and a dedication to quality work. He studied Business Administration at the Red River College and then went on to work in finance and accounting. He also has solid experience working in accounts payable in the construction industry. 


His goal at FRESH is to take the accounts payable to the next level, incorporating new technology and digital organization methods that will make the whole process faster and more efficient. Max is working with the project managers and consultants to make sure purchase orders are streamlined and accurate.  


Max has a knack at memorizing numbers and a professional attitude which makes him perfectly suited to his role with FRESH.