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The Victory building is a seven storey, federal building, built in 1935, with a classical Moderne style including smooth limestone walls, patterned marbled floors, elevator surrounds, stone light brackets, gilded ceiling beams and bronze and glass railing.

"Those involved in the retrofit project recognized that a high level of expertise, guidance and technical knowledge would be required with repsect to the restoration of several doors and frames." 

Jack Shinder, President of AMBICO

This phased occupied restoration project of a historic office building required a high degree of technical skill from the FRESH team. A primary requirement of the project was to restore the lobby ceiling ornamental plaster that was 30 ft high above an active office space.


In order to do this with minimal disruption to the occupants we built an elaborate terraced scaffold working area that was suspended just below the ceiling. This temporary ceiling was then sealed for moisture, odours and chemicals as FRESH was removing biohazardous materials, including asbestos and other toxins.


In order to restore the Victory building to its former glory our team put the finishing touches on the project with historic metal restoration and door replacements to create an authentic, beautiful restoration. The FRESH team worked closely with Penner Doors and Hardware and AMBICO to source and install the doors. 


Government of Canada




Winnipeg, Manitoba


Ceiling and door rehibilitation

This restoration was featured in the September 2014 Edition of Doors and Hardware